Community Service
Hello Columbia Heights community organization leader, or potential volunteer. The North Columbia Heights Civic Association is working on organizing a neighborhood Great Day of Service, likely for Spring 2011. This event will constitute a single day (on a Saturday or Sunday) in which all interested community service organizations based in the neighborhood will host open house for volunteers. Ideally, there will be discrete, half or full day service projects available for folks to volunteer for at (or sponsored by) each organization. Thus, the Great Day of Service will serve as an opportunity for neighborhood volunteers to contribute to short-term projects but also, just as importantly, to provide greater exposure to your organizations so as to attract volunteers who will become regularly involved on a going-forward basis. I hope that the Great Day of Service will also provide more exposure for your organizations to those in the community who may be interested in utilizing the services you provide.

If any service organizations are missing from the list below, and/or if you are interested in having your organization participate in the Great Day of Service, please email with a direct point of contact. Better yet, if you are interested in helping organize the event, send Jeff an email. Also, please feel free to share this information with any Columbia Heights organizations or individuals who you believe would be interested in becoming involved in this effort. If you are interested in volunteering at one of the service projects occurring during the Great Day of Service, and want to be kept in the loop as the day approaches, please let Jeff know as well.

NCHCA also envisions creating a brochure in which each organization will contribute a blurb summarizing the work you do for the community and, where applicable, information about volunteer opportunities. This brochure would serve not only to publicize the Great Day of Service, but also as a permanent community resource, to better enable new residents to utilize organizations’ services, or volunteer to help out.

Links to Local Service-Oriented Organizations, Facilities and Institutions:

Boys & Girls Club (14th Street)



Change, Inc.

Columbia Heights Community Center

Columbia Heights / Shaw Family Support Collaborative

Columbia Heights Village Together

Community of Hope


Grassroots Education Project

In Da Streets, Inc.

La Casa Shelter

Latin American Youth Center


Multicultural Community Service

Salvation Army (Sherman Avenue)

Thrive DC

Upper Cardozo Community Health Clinic