Steps for Getting the Best Cruise Deals

Cruises have had a reputation as a vacation for the wealthy for long. However, today vacationers can find that the best vacation deals are all-inclusive cruises. As cruise lines and travel agents reach for new business to tide them during the hard financial times, they are putting together amazing cruise deals. These deals appeal to everybody from honeymooners to families, singles to seniors. The following steps can help you get the best cruise deal.

Decide the Type of Cruise

ocean cruise ship

Nowadays, there are various types of cruises available from family-fun cruises to luxury adult singles cruises. Before you begin shopping around, decide what you want from a cruise vacation including ship size, price range, and type of cruise, destination, and dates. Keeping in mind these details will help you to narrow down your choices and give a cruise agent a starting point to put together a cruise package which best suits you.

Plan in Advance

Generally, the best time for booking cruises is between January and March. During this time, cruise lines usually book about 35 percent of their business for the whole year. Therefore, you are likely to find the best deals during these months being offered by major cruise lines. If you cannot book during this time, do not despair. You can still get great cruise deals by booking well in advance of the sailing date, or waiting and taking advantage of last minute cruise and cancellation deals.

Check Online Travel Sites

There are a lot of online sites today which let you search multiple booking sites for the best deals. There are several websites today which allow you to search all the major sites at once. This will save you time and let you compare what is being offered by different cruise lines. Find the best deal on the cruises you want.

Contact Cruise Travel Agents

people in a cruise shipDespite the popularity of online travel booking site, most cruises are still being booked through travel agents. Experienced travel agents know the business well and keep fingers on what is constantly happening in the industry. An agent often can put together an entire package which includes travel to your departure destination, overnight lodging if necessary and travels home from your ending destination and the cost of the cruise. A good travel agent and cruise can book you on special tours and events you can enjoy during your vacation.

Directly Check Cruise Lines

You can also directly go to the cruise line’s website to get information on the cruises, ships, and destination that they offer and their best deals. Some cruise lines have special deals which are available only through their website and most of them offer special discounts if you book via their own websites. When perusing the sites, sign up for newsletters of they offer. Such newsletters are an excellent way of keeping up to date on the best cruise.


Ensure you check back online one last time after getting your best deals in case any cruise deals have been updated since the last time you checked. If the travel agent offered the best deal, contact them to book the cruise. No matter where you get the best deal on a cruise vacation, you will be satisfied to know that you got the best possible vacation for the best price. You can choose cruzeiros douro as they offer the best cruises.